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Product Recommendations

Below are products that our clients have loved. We are not associated with these companies, nor do we profit from these recommendations. We simply want the best quality of life for our patients!

Cat Sleeping

Dog Products

Mobility assistance, cooling products, and supplements to help your aging or painful dogs

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Mobility Products


“If your dog is slipping on floors from age, injury, surgery, or disability, we can help! Dogs have the natural ability to walk on any surface. Slipping dogs just need a little help on hardwood or tile floors. ToeGrips create a “Grip Zone” where the toenail meets the floor to provide traction with each step.”

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Our anti-slip Sport PAWks are ideal for indoor and outdoor wear, providing traction and protection for your dog’s paws. This dog socks can also help to protect your dog paws from heat, cold and debris.

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Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to give your senior dog the traction they need on slippery indoor surfaces such as tile, laminate or hardwood? Our non-slip dog socks provide a strong grip around your dog's entire paw so even if the socks twist, your dog will have the traction they need.


The komfortable fleece lifts and assists your canine friend with superb support. Machine washable plush ultra-suede outside and komfy fleece lining provide optimum comfort against your dog's skin.


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Cooling Products

cooling bed.jpg

The K&H Cool Bed wicks heat out of your pet and releases it into the air.

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This solid-gel cooling mat from Arf Pets is a long-lasting solution for keeping all your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions.



Our formula contains a powerful blend of proven joint support ingredients including; chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM. Our GlycoFlex signature ingredient Perna canaliculus- a whole food green –lipped mussel-provides the building blocks for cartilage and synovial fluid that keep joints cushioned, lubricated and working their best. Perna, sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand, provides essential omega fatty acids, glucosamine and amino acids that are balanced by nature, not chemists.


GlycoFlex 2 Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs represents the second stage in our comprehensive line of joint care products. Recommended by veterinarians, GlycoFlex 2 is the right choice for dogs that are slowing down or showing signs of fatigue or weakness in their hind quarters. GlycoFlex 2 includes perna canaliculus and glucosamine for joint structure support as well as MSM for discomfort. For active dogs or lap dogs GlycoFlex 2 helps alleviate joint discomfort associated with day to day activities.

Cat Products

Mobility assistance and supplements to help your aging cats

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Mobility Assistance

Stairs - D/C - Same as above


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GlycoFlex 2 Hip and Joint Supplement for Cats represents stage 2 of our comprehensive joint support program designed to meet the needs of cats starting to slow down due to age, weight issues or the onset of joint health issues.

nucat senior.jpg

Nu Cat Senior by VetriScience is specifically formulated to support total health in geriatric cats. A comprehensive multivitamin/mineral formula, Nu Cat Senior features nutrients that support cardiovascular, liver, reproductive, eye, joint and digestive functions. Nu Cat Senior is the only formula to provide such a complete range of vital nutrients essential to the health of aging cats.

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